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All Performances Conducted by Paul Polivnick

We have provided an easy to use player to allow you to listen to these performances. Simply click on the selection from the list to hear the selection.

Also here is a Youtube link to a 30-minute “highlights” video of Paul conducting the Carnegie Mellon University Philharmonic. The concert was on October 18, 2015 and the video includes the last movement of Haydn’s Symphony #95, William Kraft’s Vintage Renaissance and the finale of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony #5:


Photo Gallery

We have provided an easy to use slide show viewer. You may view images on the page in this convenient viewer, or if you wish to have the images go “full screen” simply click on the FS on the lower right.  To exit full screen, simply click “esc” on your keyboard.


[img src=]690Conductor
[img src=]870Symphony Silicon Valley
Symphony Silicon Valley - 14 May 2006 Ju-Young Baek, ViolinPhoto by Robert Shomler
[img src=]570Symphony Silicon Valley
Paul with Amram Taken after rehearsal for the world premier of Amram's "Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie" with Symphony Silicon Valley.
[img src=]650Symphony Silicon Valley
Symphony Silicon Valley - 30 September 2007Nora Guthrie, David Amram, Paul Polivnick Photo by Robert Shomler
[img src=]550A Nakamatsu Premiere - Symphony Silicon Valley - First Rehearsal
David Amram, composer; Jon Nakamatsu, piano"Three Songs - A concerto for Piano and Orchestre" by David Amram; workd premiereFirst hearing - January 12, 2009
[img src=]530Piano Concerto by David Amram commissioned for Jon Nakamatsu - World Premiere
Piano Concerto by David Amram commissioned for Jon Nakamatsu, Paul Polovnick conductingWorld Premiere - Symphony Silicon Valley January 15, 2009
[img src=]570Paul with Leonard Bernstein
[img src=]580Lake Michigan
[img src=]580Paul's Mother & Father
Paul's Mother & Father
[img src=]610Out Takes
candid shots of Paul and his wife Marsha
[img src=]560Paul and Alexander Blechinger
Paul and Alexander Blechinger
[img src=]570Paul with Bill Kraft
[img src=]530Paul and Marsha
On a skiing vacation, Paul and his wife Marsha
[img src=]560Paul with Misha Segal
Paul with composer Misha Segal
[img src=]560Poker night at the New Hampshire Music Festival
New Hampshire Music Festival Poker Night
[img src=]510Paul R & R
Paul having some R & R
[img src=]520Casual Photo
[img src=]520Casual Photo
[img src=]660

Paul Polivnick
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Contact Paul at 727-298-8182

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